Marine hardware integration, simplified.

An open hardware interface that provides plug-and-play functionality for all marine sensing systems.

A hardware connector that works everywhere

Simple, rugged, durable and extraordinarily cheap. A 2-conductor connector system with no sliding contacts or moving parts. Goes the distance in continuous deployments, tested to full ocean depth.

Extreme flexibility in power and data performance

Suitable for microWatt sensors and kiloWatt ROVs. Can transmit low bitrate sensor data efficiently, send critical commands with <10ms latency, or stream video at 100s of megabits per second.

Intelligent nodes form a peer-to-peer messaging network

Micro power and micro cost, automotive-grade processors run a full TCP/IP stack at every node. This provides true peer-to-peer networking capability, and allows for ultimate flexibility in systems integration.

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The Bristlemouth standard is a pioneering collaboration across the public, private, and non-profit sector. The technology development is an active partnership between the Office of Naval Research (ONR), DARPA, Sofar Ocean, and Oceankind.

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