We present a new, open marine connectivity standard – Bristlemouth – developed to create an agile innovation platform for marine technology.

Easy-to-adopt connectivity

Bristlemouth leverages advances from a number of fields – robotics, automotive, and industrial – to create an easy-to-adopt connectivity standard for an exceptionally broad range of use cases.

Full-stack, physical connectivity standard

Bristlemouth is a full-stack physical connectivity standard, akin to USB. The open specification covers the physical connector, a postage stamp-sized processing board, and networking and application protocols.

Plug-and-play interoperability

The Bristlemouth standard already provides plug-and-play interoperability of hardware modules in state-of-the-art marine technology applications, such as global networks of metocean buoys and real-time reef monitoring systems.

Reduce cost, increase accessibility

The open dissemination of this standard aims to facilitate progress across the marine community: scaling ocean sensing, making ocean data more available, and reducing cost and complexity of building and integrating marine systems.

Read our technical paper:
“Bristlemouth: An open connectivity standard for marine applications”

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Guiding Design Principles

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Full-stack platform

We’re designing for plug-and-play flexibility in marine electronics, from the physical connector to the protocol layer.

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Works anywhere

We believe in bringing access and excellence anywhere in the Ocean, with support for a wide range of system powers and data bandwidths requirements.

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Built for scale

We enable you to scale. With no costly integrations and future ecosystem support, Bristlemouth brings immediate value over a one-off integration.

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