Bristlemouth Pioneer Program

The Bristlemouth Pioneer Program was created to accelerate development of solutions to some of the enormous challenges that face our planet. The Program is intended to fast-track hardware to developers, scientists, and start-ups. By joining this program you can be amongst the first to start developing ocean exploration and monitoring hardware with Bristlemouth.

Please note: the first phase of the Pioneer Program awards a Sofar Platform with Smart Mooring and a Bristlemouth Development Kit to integrate new or existing payloads and sensors. Future phases of the Program may have hardware that’s more suited to projects that are independent of the Spotter and Smart Mooring. We encourage those with such interests to apply now to secure a spot in following phases.

More information can be found on the Pioneer Program FAQs.

  1. Please carefully read the Pioneer Program FAQ
  2. Create an account on the Bristlemouth Bristlemouth Forum
    The majority of support communications will be provided via the forum, so the community can learn from each of our experiences.
  3. Fill out the form below.
    You will be notified within a few weeks if your project is accepted into the Pioneer program. We will formally announce your acceptance into the Pioneer program on the Bristlemouth Forum.