Bristlemouth Pioneer Program

Bristlemouth’s strategic partners created the Pioneer program to catalyze development and accelerate solutions for the enormous challenges that face the ocean. 

In this initial phase, awardees will receive a Bristlemouth development kit and a Bristlemouth-enabled Spotter and Smart Mooring. Project applications that want to test or integrate a solution with this equipment will be considered first.

The Pioneer program will also enable projects looking to develop with Bristlemouth independently of Spotter and Smart Mooring. We encourage community members with such interests to apply now to secure a spot in following phases.

Check out the Pioneer Program FAQs for more info about the program and what to expect.

If you'd like to purchase a Bristlemouth DevKit now, contact our strategic partner Sofar Ocean.


  1. Create an account on the Bristlemouth Forum.
    The majority of support communications will be provided via the forum, so the community can learn from each of our experiences.


  2. Fill out the form below.
    We have had overwhelming interest in the Pioneer program. In order to support as many projects as possible, please provide a clear timeline of your project so that we can expedite applications that will deploy systems to the field in the near term.


  3. You will be notified within a few weeks if your project is accepted into the Pioneer program. At that time we will ask for your shipping information, and we will formally announce your acceptance into the Pioneer program on the Bristlemouth Forum.