Oceans drive the world’s climate and economy with over 90% of goods shipped by sea.

Despite their importance, ocean data is exceedingly sparse. We collect orders of magnitude less data from our oceans than we do from land or space. This rapidly growing ocean data gap drives massive climate uncertainty and impacts every major industry on Earth.

To narrow this gap, it is critical that key stakeholders scale and accelerate ocean sensing and exploration. The integration of electronic components in the ocean, however, is complex, expensive, and slow due to a complete lack of standardization. As a result, ocean systems are expensive and fragile, and applications are difficult to scale. To solve this, partners across research, industry, and government organizations established Bristlemouth.

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Bristlemouth is an open standard delivering plug-and-play hardware interfaces for marine applications.

It ushers in a new era of ocean innovation by accelerating the development of scalable ocean sensing systems and applications. By closing the ocean data gap at a rapid pace, Bristlemouth significantly impacts climate understanding, coastal resilience, and every major ocean industry

Bristlemouth Pioneer Program

A call for ocean researchers and developers to accelerate ocean sensing and exploration with Bristlemouth. The Pioneer program will provide equipment, support, and resources to create innovative marine applications and new technology.

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Strategic Partners

A collaboration between strategic partners across the public and private sectors

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