Bristlemouth Accelerator Program

Bristlemouth is the first open ocean connectivity standard, removing a key barrier to scaling innovation and growth across research, government, and industry.  Building off Pioneer Program momentum, the Bristlemouth Accelerator program furthers ocean concepts into prototypes with guidance toward productization, furthering Bristlemouth’s vision of rapidly scaling ocean innovation. 

How it works

The Bristlemouth Accelerator is a 1-year program offering mentorship, developer workshops and hackathons, and the opportunity to receive funding and/or prize money in hopes of supporting the next generation of advanced ocean technology.

  1. Participants will be a curated selection of ocean innovators and entrepreneurs based on factors such as ocean impact, product novelty, and quality.
  2. After six months of mentorship and guidance, four finalists will be selected by mentors and an additional two finalists chosen by the Bristlemouth community.
  3. The finalists will each present a 5-minute pitch and demo at BristleCon 2024 to a judging committee, mentors, participants, and community members.

  4. A minimum of $150,000 will be awarded out to the top finalists.

Key Dates

  • Call for proposals: November 9, 2023
  • Final submissions due with proof of concept: April 30, 2024
  • Community voting opens for two finalist selections: June 1, 2024
  • Mentor selection of additional four finalists: June 30, 2024
  • Announcement of six finalists: July, 2024
  • Final Accelerator pitch and award celebration at BristleCon 2024

Accelerator Participant Journey

  1. Submit an initial proposal using the form below by January 31, 2024
    The accelerator team will accept applicants based on ocean impact, project quality, and product novelty.

  2. Work with an Accelerator Mentor from February 2024 - April 2024
    Mentors will then select participants to coach and advise on a final 5-minute pitch deck submission.

  3. Submit pitch presentation and a proof-of-concept demo by April 30, 2024

  4. If selected as one of the six finalists, you will present your pitch and proof-of-concept demo at BristleCon 2024

Get Involved and Become a Mentor

As a mentor, you will be able to connect with a network of like-minded mentors and community members committed to the development of ocean technology. Participating as a mentor unlocks opportunities to help shape and mold impactful ocean solutions for a thriving blue economy.

  • Personal selection of mentees 
  • Collaborate and develop relationships with ocean tech pioneers
  • Shape and guide concepts toward prototyping and productization

Contact to learn more

Other Ways to Participate

If you are interested in supporting or contributing to the Accelerator Program in any other capacity, please reach out to